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Robotina ICO

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Robotina ICO (ROX)

What will you support? What is Robotina ICO (ROX)?

Robotina ICO is an extremely reliable and transparent Slovenian ICO project. Based on a number of state-of-the-art technologies, the Robotina platform will reduce energy consumption, lower energy costs and optimize the operation of the entire power grid.

Robotina ICO (ROX)

Platform advantages:
  • Up to 30% lower electricity costs for the users.
  • Users will be able to control the power consumption.
  • Cheaper crowd buying of electricity.
  • Additional membership savings.
  • Robotina utility token, that can be used in all activities on the platform, will be called ROX.

Video presentation of Robotina ICO by the Robotina company CEO, Mr. Devid Palčič

Robotina d.o.o. is a Slovenian company with 28 years of experience in the field of smart technology development for the electrical industry. We operate globally, employing over 50 professionals, specialized in the optimization of smart grids.

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